Mediterranean Garden With Raised Vegetable Beds

This relaxed, Mediterranean garden is a wonderful blend of raised vegetable beds and other plantings with plenty of space for social use. The outdoor patio is frequently used for entertaining and personal enjoyment. The moveable fire pit adds to nighttime use and atmosphere. Screening plants, including olive trees, create more privacy.

Site initially cleared.
Another view of site.
Site after clearing.
Stone delivered for masonry construction.
Walls and tie staircases installed. Wooden tie is completely surrounded with base rock, significantly extending its longevity.
View of walkway and staircase construction.
Stone lining and retaining area for main patio.
Creating raised bed vegetable area.
Additional view of raised bed area.
Construction finished, ready for soil preparation.
Water feature installed, soil amended and prepared for planting.
Planting in progress next to walkway
Gravel installed for patio and walkway.
View of patio and client's newly added outdoor furniture.
Planting filling in after 4 months.
Staircase connects upper vegetable garden and lower patio area, fire pit adds to nighttime use and atmosphere.
The relaxed patio is wonderful for entertaining and personal enjoyment.
Vegetable area planted and beginning to grow.
Planting growing in beautifully.
View from above vegetable garden with water feature at the center.