Water Features

This small waterfall is filled with stones and pebbles for soothing, gurgling brook sounds.
A pondless waterfall cutting through an existing block wall.
In the center of this garden is a recirculating water bowl and jet that has great sound.
Night lighting on a pondless water feature.
A pondless waterfall with 2 tributaries has great sound.
This water bowl fountain has an oasis feel.
This large ceramic vessel at the top of the waterfall suggests flowing water.
Large slabs of thick flagstone make a bridge over this waterfall flowing into a pond.
Simple containers can make great water features.
This staircase runs alongside the cascades of the waterfall.
A simple water feature adds peaceful sound to this woodland garden with Japanese tones.
This pondless waterfall is safe for the homeowner's young child and has great sound.
A large waterfall flowing into a pond stocked with fish.
A mass of summer color alongside a reflecting pond.
A dry creek bed empties into the pond.
Sitting beneath this waterfall is peaceful and softens background noise.
A reflecting pond at dusk.