Stucco wall adds privacy. Iron gate was powder coated blue to match pots.
These stone terraces allowed us to create more level space down below and help stabilize the hillside.
Cutting across a dry slope, this wall and gravel pathway are both functional and attractive when viewing from the house. (Click here for a virtual tour of this garden)
Stone walls and gravel paths traverse this Mediterranean style hillside.
This slope was regraded with stucco walls and a new brick pathway (note inlay detail) to create a much more dramatic effect.
This arts and crafts style wall incorporates stacked flagstone in with stone boulders.
This stacked concrete wall from a demolished patio makes for a strong wall capped with stone.
A wall of recycled materials, primarily from the site, is well constructed for strength as well as art.
Another wall built from site demolition materials and also included statuary, such as the owl set into the wall. (Click here for a virtual tour of this garden)
Large and small stones in these walls add interest.
A stacked water wash wall.
A fanciful wall built out of found materials the clients had been collecting for years.
Moss rock is a great stone for shady gardens.
Different colored stone adds interest to this wall.
The side of this previous landslide was stabilized with tons of heavy boulders and planting.
Tight shot of mixed media wall.
A car drove into this old brick wall. We repaired it so you can't tell the accident ever happened.