In the center of this garden is a recirculating water bowl and jet that has great sound.
Gravel paths with tie staircases are an economical and attractive way to create movement through the garden.
Diverse Montclair landscaping viewed from above.
Columns in this garden echo the towering redwoods behind them.
This garden bridge beckons you to explore more.
A pleasant place to sit in the shade.
A courtyard patio in this walled open garden.
This inaccessible bank was terraced and planted with a beautiful undulating staircase going through it.
Offset square pavers (36 in) make this sidewalk easily accessible.
Beautiful staircase follows the garden terrain.
Extra tall standard roses are unreachable by deer.
View from the second story shows the graceful flow of this flagstone walkway and patio.
A woodland garden with Asian elements.
Large beamed gazebo gives this walkway a destination.
A gracious flagstone staircase meanders through this garden entry.
These wooden steps into the garden were tripled in width to provide extra seating for gatherings.
This patio, with an outdoor kitchen and dining area, is great for family entertaining.
These stone terraces allowed us to create more level space down below and help stabilize the hillside.
Large slabs of flagstone beckon you further into the garden.
24-inch pavers surrounded by Dymondia ground cover meanders through this planting.
Three towering statues, all women, stand in the background of this exquisite garden.
A very steep hillside garden is functional and beautiful to look at from above.
This landscape is both elegant and useful for entertaining and outdoor play.